... is generally a requirement for counsellors and psychotherapists as a support for their practice, providing a space for professional consultation on issues to do with client work, professional status and career trajectory, ethical and practical concerns, issues of safety, professional practice and standards.

... varies from this in that it covers a much wider field of professionals, in fact anyone who is having some kind of professional difficulty. This would include managers, directors, employers, self-employed professionals, work-force individuals and employees. This kind of individual consultancy (or mentoring) could cover a wide range of personal and professional issues, including:

* issues of self-esteem
* career decisions and planning
* personal issues that currently block progress
* integrating the personal and professional aspects of one's life
* finding solutions to relationship difficulties at work or at home
* the balance of challenge and support in your life and career
* dealing with the emotional and psychological effects of work crises